Web Development

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In this article, we will take a look at today’s Web development trends, to share our views on 2016 and the future, observation and prediction. We started doing Web technology work in 2011, and in recent years has been doing cloud architecture solutions. As a Web developers, we developed Web applications and Web services on Worepress vs Magento and php.

We recently looked at Web technologies and development trends as a whole and shared my thoughts and observations here.

Today, users experience becomes more important than ever, responsive web design (RWD) has become the essential characteristics of the site. RWD allows end users to access websites on different sizes of devices, including cell phones and tablet browsers. With RWD to replace mobile sites, we do not have to develop additional sites for mobile users alone. This is particularly useful when we need to focus on how to render content. However, if you are developing Web applications (including a lot of UI interaction process) rather than the site, RWD cannot help you. Remember that Web applications and Web sites are different. Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation is the most popular RWD framework.