5 SEO Tactics That can Create Problems For You

M. Naeem Akhtar

CEO of DMT Lahore & Trainer

SEO Tactics That can Create Problems For You

There is always a temptation to take the “easier” route and SEO is no exception. To achieve fast results, a number of digital marketers resort to such tactics that are either outdated, illegal or only deliver timely results. The SEO of the black and gray hat initially looks good, but can cause you to burn in the long term.

It is undeniable that SEO expert is the most desirable way to get good rankings for your website, and in turn attracts more leads and income. Increasing your business to the first pages of the search results is a delicate task and needs to be done with care.

Although there are a number of companies who claim that they can deliver vain results in a short time; you have to be careful and see if they follow these disastrous SEO tactics.

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1- Keyword Stuffing

This is the most common mistake that is not only limited to amateurs or beginners, but can also be performed by the most experienced marketing professionals. Using the right keywords is probably best for your business, but can be counterproductive if it’s not done properly.

More is not always better and you will notice that your ranking will deteriorate if you use the keywords unnecessarily. To use keywords correctly, you must first have quality content so that the keywords can be placed accordingly.

2-Private Blog Networks

The private blog networks were created in an attempt to get direct backlinks and rankings for your company. The strategy is fairly simple, actually where you buy the expired domains with good authority and create a link to your website.

Before you buy a domain, make sure it is completely clean and has not been sold and purchased often because it turns out to be a red flag for Google. Although it seems a feasible and cost-effective way, it is actually quite annoying with a high risk of being caught.

3-Paid Links

Backlinking is an essential technique in SEO to improve your ranking and increase the number of visits to your website. Although it is quite effective, it can also be frustrating and time-consuming. You must follow a tiring exercise to find the most suitable links.

Some marketers will recommend that you simply purchase the links and use them in the content, but you would have serious problems with this. Both Google and Bing have strict guidelines and if they catch you buying links, they will punish you for this.


Cloaking refers to creating one type of content for display to the search engine algorithm and showing another type to the users. In simple terms, camouflage conceals the words on the page, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Since this is an attempt to manipulate the search engines, this is a very risky technique and can even result in a blacklist of your website. It doesn’t take long for a search engine to identify cloaking, so opting for this tactic means a sad end for your business.

5- Plagiarized Content

Stealing is never a good idea, but unfortunately a few digital marketing companies don’t learn the lesson the easy way. Creating new and unique content is both expensive and time-consuming, so it’s no surprise that people are looking for shortcuts.

If you have replicated someone else’s content, you have a big problem because the other party can take you to court for intellectual theft. Google will always detect and punish you if you have copied the content and made it bulky with keywords.


There is no shortcut to proper placement in Google results because it is only achieved through hard work and dedication. The unethical means only bring you to a certain extent and ultimately cause your company to die out forever.

SEO is the most powerful weapon for your company, only if it is used correctly. Digital Media Trend has years of experience and relies only on real, white-hat tactics to provide better rankings. Give us the requirements and we will give your company the necessary boost it requires.


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