5 Ways To Speed Up WordPress Website

M. Naeem Akhtar

CEO of DMT Lahore & Trainer

Having a Slow Website Should Be a Crime

No, seriously, everyone hates slow websites. Yes, the websites that make us lose our patience, drive us crazy, and ultimately make us angry.

So I’m going to show you 5 different ways to speed up your WordPress website and keep your freedom.

Before I give you this list. You need to understand why page speed is important, how quickly a website should be loaded in 2019 and how you can test the speed of your website.

Page speed is an important aspect of UX or the user experience. A great user experience equals more conversions. Living in a world where technology takes the upper hand and the attention span decreases, explains why having a slow website can increase your website bounce rate.

Increase your web speed and improve your conversions contact with web development in lahore. I know there is a lot to increase the speed of the web pages, but hey, you won’t scare anyone.

  • The goal is to have the loading speed of a web page under 2 seconds.
  • The average web page loads from 2-3 seconds.
  • A little longer than 4 seconds is SLOW.

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How do I Know If My Website is Slow?

To test the speed of your web pages, I recommend using them

  • Google Page Speed ​​Insights.
  • GT Metrix
  • Pingdom

Now that you have tested your website, there are a few ways to improve your website speed below:

Install a WordPress Caching Plug-In

When you click on a link that leads you to a web page, a process is created. WordPress web pages are dynamic. This means that every time you click on something on the website, the process needed to collect the information and create the web page prevents you from clicking on it.

  • The problem with this is that it is time-consuming,
  • Think about it that way ……
  • Imagine you go to a fast food restaurant and the food is ready for you within a minute.
  • While you eat out in restaurants and you have to order your food longer than you have to wait in the fast food restaurant.
  • Dynamic web pages could be fine dining. But to help with speed and prevent the process from happening again and again, install a caching plug-in.
  • What this plug-in does is a copy of the web page once it is loaded and then presents this copy to users. This greatly speeds up your website.
  • Two of the most reliable caching plug-ins are WP Rocket (Paid) and WP Super Cache (free).

Get Better Hosting

Shared Hosting is normal but there are some drawbacks. Sharing a server with other users can potentially slow down your website.

The reason is that if your neighboring websites get heavy traffic, this will cause your website to slow down. It can even reach a point where the server you’re in gets so much traffic that it crashes.

What do We Recommend?

If you are just starting out, you don’t have to make a whole server for yourself. The best type of host that you can use is a Virtual Private Server. With this type of server you can rent space on a server. In this space you are alone and you do not have to worry about neighboring websites that generate traffic and slow down your website.

We use DreamHost, but Blue Host is also great to use.

Update Your WordPress

WordPress has constant updates, but these updates are not always new features of the website. Some of the bugs and problems with the website have caused your website to load slowly. Not updating WordPress also creates security issues and makes your website unsafe.

Optimize Images

Images are great for paying attention to your website. But they may be too large in size or not compressed, making your website slower. It is also not advisable to upload images directly to your webpage. Upload the image to a software that processes photos so that you can optimize the images for the Internet.

  • The type of file that contains the image also plays a role.
  • The required JPEGS are smaller and less detailed. This is great to use to prevent high memory on your website.
  • PNGs on the other hand are of better quality, but require more memory.
  • It is recommended to use JPEGs for standard images and PNGs for images that are full of colors.
  • Optimally, images must be 1920 x 1080 pixels AND smaller than 300 kb 

WP Plug-Ins:

Some WordPress plug-ins that can help you with this are Smush, Ewww and Optimole.

Keep the Background Processes Under Control 

These processes are performed under the surface of the website and one of them is the backup plugin for WordPress. It is important that this is done in the time that there is little traffic on your website. Also regularly check your crawl reports on the Google console for errors, because problems found can delay your website.


Increase your web speed and improve your conversions contact with digital marketing agency. I know there is a lot to increase the speed of the web pages, but hey, you won’t scare anyone.


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