7 Good Reasons Why Rewriting Articles Is Bad for Your Website

M. Naeem Akhtar

CEO of DMT Lahore & Trainer

Today, it is common for Internet marketers to use a variety of marketing gimmicks to promote their products/services. One of the most widely and most commonly used marketing gimmicks is article marketing, which creates miracles for businesses, winning huge sales, popularity, traffic. Unfortunately, some embarrassing online marketers have undermined the importance of article marketing through the use of sputum or black hat technology. Although these technologies seem harmless, they will have a dangerous response in the long run.

A very common black hat technology used in many adventurous and embarrassing article marketers is the article rotation software, which has been making a fuss on the Internet for a long time. Not to mention, article marketing contributes a lot to build a large number of backlinks. One thing to note is that article marketing through article rotation software is consider a black hat technology that can affect the visibility of websites, page rankings, and so on.

If you still suspect that using Black Hat article marketing techniques is dangerous, please review the following seven prominent reasons and summarize them yourself

Search engines provide attachments for unique, engaging and readable content

Whether it’s Yahoo, Bing or Google, all search engine leaders always value fresh, engaging and readable content. In addition, regularly loaded content is likely to get a higher ranking in the search engine results page.

 Article rotation software usually generates a scribbled copy

One of the main vulnerabilities in article rotation software is that these programs typically generate unqualified content and are even hard to read. Instead of using article rotation software, a better option is to start creating articles manually using your creativity. Of course, it takes time and manual effort to create content from scratch, but in the long run, you will find it all worth considering.

 This term may be different, but its nature and quality are contaminated.

Most article rotation software will help you make several different versions of the original article by replacing the original words with matching synonyms. This seems to be a very simple way to mention

One thing in several different ways, which means that the details are still the same, but the quality is still severely damage. Again, it is recommend to publish a unique article.

Spinning is often considered the unfair practice

According to webmasters and even search engines, article rotation is usually problematic, which is an absolute fact. These software tools can pollute your online reputation and credibility. This is why it is worth considering avoiding the use of this unethical tool. After all, building your reputation can take months or years, and when your target readers know that you’ve started publishing duplicate content, you’re likely to madly belittle it.

All search engines are design to contradict the textile article

In general, all search engines are design to contradict the rotation of article by online marketers. Most importantly, Google’s latest Panda update focuses on substandard sites, such as content farms featuring textile articles.

 Article rotation limits the writer’s creativity

Spin the article is well known for checking the writer’s creativity – and, it is said that the most obvious is spinning the article will never make you a creative writer. Rotating articles is also a lax way to get backlinks, and once a search engine understands the use of “immoral” practices, it will certainly be counterproductive.

Spinning products are very likely to saturate the market

Rotating raw content can easily generate multiple versions, but when it comes to reflecting different opinions, they fail. Of course, different versions of the original article can saturate the market. It will critically exploit the originality of the content on your site/blog, prompting search engines to mark your tags as plagiarized versions.

So now it’s easy for you to summarize why rewriting an article is never worth considering, but in fact, it’s worth using your creativity to manually create an article. On the other hand, if you are not good at writing, you can help professional writers working at SEO companies to provide you with creative and original articles.


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