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M. Naeem Akhtar

CEO of DMT Lahore & Trainer

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, or E-marketing, can improve your website’s traffic by targeting Internet users. To do this, we use a digital marketing mix consisting of several tools:

SEO, paid search, management of digital advertising campaigns on Facebook or Google AdWords, social media, blogs, email marketing, management of digital space purchases, RTB, etc.

This Digital Marketing Services in Lahore stage combines the implementation of immediate traffic acquisition tools with a long-term online presence. Only a site with the right electronic marketing tools will provide powerful leverage to attract and retain new customers.

Marketing Labeling Plan

DMT develops your tagging plan, which is essential to better understand the behavior of your users. This tag management will allow you to find answers to your questions such as: what are the main sources of traffic? Which buttons do users click the most on? What are the products or services that interest them the most? What is the latest content viewed by your customers?

Methodology: Our team sends you its recommendations as an Excel or Word file. The proposed tags are then implemented in the code of your site.


The essential step of natural referencing is to constantly improve the texts of your site by studying the keywords that surround it. Our SEO offer is geared towards natural content and therefore goes through the optimization of existing content and the writing of specific optimized content (landing pages, articles, etc.).

Our SEO consultants will first provide you with an advanced SEO audit (analysis of the main popular expressions and the degree of competition for each and its trend), then guide you to analyze the current positioning of your site. On the search engines.

Digital Marketing Services in Lahore

After this meticulous step, our editorial department takes care of optimization and content creation missions: modification of texts and images, optimizations of titles, URLs and metadata, etc.

Finally, a natural referencing watch can also be carried out by our consultants, in order to follow the results of our actions and to follow the evolution of certain keywords over time.

Examples of SEO services offered

Keyword Audit

SEO optimizations on WordPress

SEO Editorial Productions

Advertising by E-Mail

The Digital Marketing Services in Lahore is able to design, customize and manage your newsletter campaigns. Thus, we create templates of original newsletters, depending on your brand identity. Our editorial team is responsible for writing content in your different working languages.

Depending on your needs, DMT proposes to associate your newsletter with the creation of a landing page with the same graphics codes, in order to enrich the digital experience offered by your newsletter. DMT is responsible for managing mailings addressed to all your recipients, thanks to the use of powerful and adapted software.

Our work does not end with sending your newsletter once sent, we monitor its effectiveness and report on its performance.


Exclusively, proposes a revolutionary solution in Pakistan for Business Management Newsletters mail. This unique solution in Pakistan offers an innovative and simplified user experience to manage your email marketing internally and combine global and local campaign goals.

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Digital Advertising Campaigns

DMT, through its My Client Center, manages for you your digital advertising campaigns on social networks, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter ads. The agency advises you on daily or periodic budgets to allocate and perform A / B tests to optimize the most profitable ads for your campaigns.


Production of a story for each account, identifying the strong points in time (timeline of Facebook, video, Linkedin).

The graphical dressing of accounts (thumbnails, covers, backgrounds) and the addition of existing graphics content (photo album). Setting up a watch for market players, setting up tools for reading the content emitted by these actors (Flipboard,, etc.).

Target the opinion leaders of the market.

  • Animation
  • Write periodic content, passing key information to thought leaders and market players.
  • Personalized welcome of new fans/followers.
  • Moderation of the community
  • Follow-up of similar pages


Create and animate a blog allows you to enrich your digital communication with general or specialized articles on the news of your company or your sector, and to get closer to your users. Our editorial team works upstream of writing blog articles and is in charge of finding key information or interviewing clients to create original blog articles.

DMT is involved in writing personalized articles, long or short, as well as in the selection of photos, essential elements of a lively and attractive blog.

After or outside the design/writing phase, DMT invites you to review the editorial content of your blog. We optimize your texts to improve their SEO by adding tags and keywords. DMT supports you in the creation of articles designed upstream, revised and optimized.

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