5 Factors On-Page to Consider When Optimizing

M. Naeem Akhtar

CEO of DMT Lahore & Trainer

5 Factors On-Page to Consider When Optimizing Website Content for SEO

Search engine optimization is perhaps the most valuable strategy that companies can employ to increase website traffic and conversions.

For those who are not entirely clear on the SEO Services in Lahore feature, it is a series of tactics that a company can implement to ensure that the content they put online is optimized to give Google and other search engines relevant information. This is important because the goal of search engines is to make sure that their customers or ‘searchers’ are presented with the most relevant websites and content for their search queries.

While there are a variety of SEO strategies that companies should employ, page headquarters is an ideal first step, as it refers to changes that can be made to the content of your website.

For companies looking to optimize their SEO on the page, here are 5 factors to consider to get started:

SEO Services in Lahore
SEO Services in Lahore

Content Must Provide Value

You may have the most SEO optimized site for a crawler, but if your content is full of keywords and irrelevant to what your customers are looking for, you’ll see many users bounce off your site, which in turn will damage your ratings. For example, when you see the “About Us” page, make sure that the content you add provides viewers with the information they would like or need to know to determine if they would like to work with you. Consider the questions you would have and make sure your content is designed to answer them.

Keywords are Critical

Keywords are food search algorithm. Imagine that Google’s small, hungry algorithms can only smell content rich in keywords relevant to your business and your customers’ search terms. When you look at SEO on the page, be sure to do your research and learn the most common keywords that users would use when searching for a business like yours, then make sure these keywords are easily woven into your content, while (! always!) keeping it relevant.

Device Friendly is SEO friendly

Whichever content you choose to place on your site, make sure it’s optimized for different screen sizes and browsers. See how your content looks on multiple devices: laptops, mobiles, and tablets. The design should look visually strong, and should be easy to read and navigate without having to zoom in or out, or drag the screen.

Meta Tags Should Be Optimized

Meta tags are often ignored because they do not appear on the pages of the website itself, but sit on the back end to describe the content of a page. This includes Meta descriptions, title tags, alternate text, and header tags. Each of these pieces of information is used by search engines to identify the content found on the page and determines the relevance of users. This means that they must be optimized with the correct keywords (see point 2) and accurately describe the page. 

Make Sharing Easy

Algorithms can identify and reward popular pages. If your content is shared on social media or linked on other websites, search engines see it as a sign that your content is relevant and much loved; therefore, they are more likely to show it. With this in mind, it’s essential to make it easy for users to share their content. It can be as simple as having social sharing buttons and making sure your content is linkable so that other people or businesses can link to your website as a source. If other credible websites are linking back to your website, that’s a bonus!

SEO optimization is about delivering the content your users want to see. SEO optimization on the page is on the front line, the best place to start making sure your business can build a solid foundation for the traffic ahead!

Getting started can be overwhelming, but Digital Marketing Agency in Lahore can provide you with a free SEO audit of your website to identify areas for improvement to increase your traffic and drive conversions.

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