5 Good Reasons to make a Video for your Company?

M. Naeem Akhtar

CEO of DMT Lahore & Trainer

A company video presents the company itself and it is the best tool if you want to teach people something. It has no commercial purpose but allows for enhancing the image of the company. It must stay in the minds if it wants to develop its visibility and its long-term performance. Today, video is an essential means of communication for brands. The public consumes images, videos, animation films on a daily basis. So here are 5 good reasons to embark on the adventure and make a corporate video for your company and integrate it into your website or on your Youtube channel.

A corporate video clip develops the message you want to convey, script and turn it to address your targets. Based on the communication technique of storytelling, the corporate video produced in this form, tells a story. It captures the attention of the audience who appropriates the story told and understands your message better. In short, a story makes your message more memorable.

The institutional film, the perfect ingredient of your communication to mark the spirits.

A corporate video allows you to transmit a message in a few minutes in a fun, attractive and emotional way. Add to this an innovative vision, and your target will remember you. A strong identity, a striking soundtrack, beautiful images and a story to tell are the ingredients to mark the spirits. As we say “a picture is worth a thousand words” then a video … imagine!

The corporate video develops your accessibility and therefore the commitment

Whether your audience or your employees, these people are always looking for proximity with brands or his company. This video can help you make yourself more accessible. Showing your business as open, revealing your values ​​will create a stronger sense of belonging to your audience. He will have the opportunity to see this video to know you better, to share your story or at least part of it. The commitment, whether internal through your internal or external communication through sharing on your website and your social networks will help you win the trust of your targets.

Corporate video improves the quality of your Digital Marketing

Once your company video is made, it must be broadcast: Youtube, your website, and your social networks. Search engines like Google appreciate video content and allow them to have good positioning in the search results. It is therefore essential to work carefully to upload your video to Youtube to participate in the development of your SEO:

  • Name your video file correctly,
  • Set a powerful title,
  • Associate relevant keywords,
  • Think about the description of your video,
  • Write the transcript, if you want it to be accessible without sound (on Facebook for example).

As you can see, a Business film is, therefore, a major asset in your global communication strategy. It can serve you in a meeting, seminar, on the home page of your website or your Facebook wall.

Ready to jump? Use our experts to discuss your business video needs. Together we will define a storyboard and an attractive visual universe in line with your targets and goals.

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