Artificial Intelligence 2023 – A game changer in the Digital Marketing

Since Open AI launched ChatGPT in November 2022, many in the digital marketing community have wondered if artificial intelligence could change our industry forever.

  • Will demanding jobs in digital, such as developers or copywriters, be replaced?
  • Will the future of AI be so good that we won’t need support teams to answer customer questions via live chat or email?
  • Will we be able to fully automate blog post writing, image creation, video cutting, sales page building and content creation?

After testing many AI applications over the past three months, the clear answer is yes: AI will reduce and simplify the workload in marketing, and some people may lose their jobs, but not those at a high level.

But before we get to that, let’s talk about what AI is and how it can be applied to marketing.

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Defining Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is another branch of computer science where it is focused to create machines that must be capable enough to perform certain tasks that normally require human intelligence such as decision making, speech recognition, visual perception, and language understanding.” There is a dire need to understand that AI will only perform at its best when human will give it the right data and cued in the right direction. That’s why it is believed that the skill of “prompting” will be the most important competency for every marketer to master in the near future.

Cueing in artificial intelligence is the process of providing an algorithm with the right data and guidance to make an accurate prediction or decision. For instance, id an AI model is set to recognize images of cats, i6t will bring out the accurate image is its database consists of large amount of images instead of a small data set of mixed images. Similarly, if an AI model is used for marketing, it will perform better if it is given accurate data about its target audience, such as their pain points, preferences, and behaviors.

That’s why, even if machines like Chat GPT are destined to revolutionize the marketing world and reduce the amount of work we have to do every day, they are even expected to get the date we look for and what exactly we need from them.

In marketing, for example, understanding the target audience is the key to any successful campaign. Artificial intelligence can certainly help in this regard by providing valuable insights about audiences, but it cannot replace a human’s understanding of who the target audience is. To target the audience and to create an effective campaign, the AI must comply with the human expertise for accurate results. That’s why the marketers who can combine deep knowledge of their field with the possibilities of AI will be best positioned to create extremely successful campaigns with less effort, 10 times faster than others.

Upcoming Advances

The most effective chat tools using AI are now able to write content, perform translations, create images or logos, edit videos, and/or write strings of code. All of these features are already great, and many marketers are using them, but what’s in store for the near future? Where will an artificial intelligence go next, and how can we apply it to our marketing in a simple way?

Well there are four main uses of AI that will be available to us in the next three to five years

  1. Automated customer support and sales teams

Imagine an AI machine that has been plugged into your website or CRM for months, gaining millions of data points from your customers’ questions and your support team’s answers to them. It should be able to almost completely replace a support member and enable your customer care service to be active 24/7. Obviously, it still needs some oversight, but it should be able to answer all of your customers’ or prospects’ basic questions.

  1. Content creation

Imagine your YouTube videos being automatically transcribed and published as articles on your blog, or your voice is converted into a podcast and automatically uploaded to all the major podcast platforms. Once AI machines have access to our social media accounts, the possibilities for content creation will likely be near endless.

  1. Website creation
    Imagine telling the machine what kind of products we have, what our target audience is, what colors we like, what tone we want to use in our copy, and then seeing our sales page created in a matter of minutes. For web designers and copywriters, this may soon be possible.
  2. Advertising Optimization

While this is already happening, with all the major social media platforms optimizing their ads based on customer interest, this can be taken to the next level with artificial intelligence. In the near future, there may be little need to enter interests and keywords – it will be the ad platform itself that delivers the right content to the right user.

Data analysis and automation can work well when assisted by AI  but notably, the human input is must to get the expected  and accurate result. In addition, as AI becomes increasingly integrated into the workforce, some jobs may become obsolete and workers may need to be retrained for new roles. Hence, the demand of experts will be there as the unique skills and perspective that AI require will always be indebted to humans. Overall, the future of AI holds great promise, especially for those who learn how to use it in the right way.


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