Business Marketing Process with Digital Marketing

M. Naeem Akhtar

CEO of DMT Lahore & Trainer

Business Marketing Process with Digital Marketing

Marketing is a process that all companies have been watching for ages. Whether its apple juice advertising or the introduction of an Apple iPhone, companies use a variety of creative marketing strategies to promote their products on a large scale.

In Pakistan, billboards and television advertising were a source of marketing and advertising for new products. Even Sunday magazines were more advertising than content.

The invention of modern technologies has made marketing easier on many levels. Now, a new term is introduced here that relates to digital marketing. This term was not known before 2016, but since 2016, the industry has been taken by storm by offering opportunities in Digital Marketing Services in Lahore, there is an area for digital marketing, and it has a future in this area. The only thing missing here is the awareness of this domain.

Digital Marketing Services in Lahore

Modern technology has also made a big impact in Pakistan. It’s been more than 20 years since the Internet has been present in Pakistan. Pakistan has quickly developed from a traditional to a digital domain. Gone are the days when people had limited information about the products. With the fastest growth of digital technology, people have better access to information. That’s called revolution. People in Pakistan rely more on information available on the Internet. Therefore, they go online to find information about new products and their reviews.

Social media is the main driver in the field of digital marketing. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are full of information. Over the years, social media has garnered billions of viewers, providing more opportunities for digital marketers.

Digital Media Marketing in Pakistan – Types

When you start a business, the most important strategy is the marketing strategy. You want a catchy but innovative idea for marketing your business. There are so many types of digital media marketing that it seems difficult to select the right one. Let’s go through these different types and you might choose the right one for your business.

The strongest form of digital marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). People use different methods for SEO to rank their business in Google Search. So, if you’re going to use this strategy, you’ll need to hire an SEO expert to help you rank higher on Google Search.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the main driver for digital marketing. People are literally busy with their mobile screens around the clock. An enormous growth of social media over the years has brought revolution. It’s a new addiction for everyone. Marketers can leverage this platform by reaching more audiences through social media campaigns. These campaigns may include promotional videos and banners with innovative content. Social media is one of the best strategies for your business. You can check out the statistics in this article.

If you’re an Instagram user, you might have heard of bloggers and influencers, or maybe you’re the one. The influencer industry has grown so much for a year now and is currently on Instagram a billion dollar industry. Influencer marketing is another strategy for digital marketing today. Nowadays, companies are taking part in influencers for their marketing campaign. These influencers are followed by thousands of people, and this ensures that a larger audience is involved in your business development.

Digital Relations

Digital public relations is an important factor for companies that want to grow in the industry. Good media coverage sounds very much. In 2018 digital PR could not be ignored. All you have to do is find out the media platforms that can help you with your promotions. It is very important that your business promotion is carried out by the right target group.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is considered one of the strongest strategies of digital marketing. You must have good writing skills to appeal to more audiences. The content should be catchy so that it is shared by a large number of audiences on its social media platforms. Whether you opt for email campaigns or social media campaigns, you need to generate good content to give users more access to your business. You only have to consider the target group. Your content should contain meaningful keywords to make your SEO more effective.

These were the most important types of digital marketing, and you can choose any one for each business idea. Do not rush into applying all these strategies and spend a lot of money on the marketing campaign. You can start planning by selecting one of the strategies and then enabling the audience step by step. The marketing campaigns are completely dependent on your business idea. The more innovations you have in your marketing, the greater the reach you get from people on a large scale.

Social Media and Digital Marketing in Pakistan

Let’s look at the statistics of social media and digital marketing in Pakistan so you can plan your digital marketing strategies accordingly.

According to statistics, Pakistan has a population of 198.9 million. Of this huge population, we have 47.5 million internet users in the country. Of these Internet users, we have 44.6 mobile Internet users, 35 million active social media users, 32 million monthly active Facebook users, 3.5 million active Twitter users and 5.20 million active Instagram users. The following image was taken by Google to clearly display the statistics.

Digital Marketing Services in Lahore

Digital marketing depends primarily on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Part of it also depends on SEO, banners, websites, emails and mobile phones, etc. These digital marketing tools are used effectively to appeal to a broad audience. In the last three years, digital media advertising in Pakistan is growing at a rate of 80% per year.

Digital Media Marketing Agencies

In Pakistan, various digital agencies use different marketing strategies to organize their businesses. Pakistan start-ups are working with digital marketing agencies to help their business. These agencies offer different solutions and efficient marketing strategies. You cannot view digital marketing as a stand-alone service. In fact, it is a service package that offers marketing strategies. Companies invest a lot of money in marketing, and these agencies should ensure a valuable outcome for their strategies.

Not only do digital marketing agencies play their role internationally, but here in Pakistan there are many startups working in this field. Companies buy these services from the agencies to promote their brands. In this time, when people spend more time on the Internet, these agencies are taking advantage of this by transforming it into an effective strategy.

The digital marketing industry has become competitive, but these agencies hire the best marketing experts to build a strong team. Some of the best digital marketing agencies in Pakistan:

  • Over the Top SEO
  • Page Traffic
  • SEO Empire
  • Green Lotus
  • SEO Sherpa
  • Bowler hat
  • SEO Power Solutions
  • Forbade

Coalition Technologies

These companies are at the forefront because they offer the latest digital marketing techniques. Each company in this list is unique and offers its own techniques and services. Some other companies are also in the running and are very keen to join the Top 10 club.

Digital Marketing – Growth

Pakistan has made great strides in digital marketing. Our country is on the way to fully implementing marketing strategies in the digital world. Today millions of people in Pakistan are active users of mobile and internet users. You have access to almost everything. That’s why many companies come online. The key role played social media, which have become enormous in Pakistan.

In 2017, it was surprising that more than 0.8 million job opportunities were offered in the field of digital marketing. This number was increased in 2019. People are becoming aware of the fact that digital advertising will take over the industry in the coming years. Many graduates work on their startups and introduce the latest techniques in this field. Gradually, Social Media Optimization services in Lahore are getting stronger. The social media revolution has made it a lot easier and the people who want to work in this area are opening up so many opportunities and opportunities.

Not only Pakistan, the world will continue to march towards Digital Marketing as all companies in this era of modern technology need it. Since the world shifted to mobile and the Internet, it has opened a lot of doors for marketers to promote their brands around the world.


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