How to Optimize Your Title and Meta Description?

M. Naeem Akhtar

CEO of DMT Lahore & Trainer

Optimize Your Title and Meta Description

Header tags and Meta descriptions are the first things people find on the search engine (search results page) after completing the search. There is no need to explain the importance of these data in the ranking of your pages.

In Fact, It’s very Difficult to Resist

Indeed, the header tag and Meta description are one of the main criteria used by the well-known Google algorithm to locate your pages.

So what are the rules to follow optimally for these tags? What mistakes should be avoided? How did you succumb to Google’s robots and your visitors? Discover for yourself this post all the keys to perfectly customize title tags and meta-descriptions.

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Title Tag: What are the Optimization Rules?

It’s important to note that the header tag has a double issue to link to your pages. Indeed, it must meet the requirements set by Google’s rules and at the same time respond to user expectations for a typed query.

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Google Relevance:

Here are Google’s key recommendations for optimizing header tags. They allow Google-bot to better understand your pages, and hence the query you want to place yourself!

– Insert the wrapped keyword into the title tag of the page.

– It is advisable to place a key phrase at the beginning of the title.

– Work on the lexical field of the subject being examined on the page.

– Do not repeat the request several times (risk of excessive optimization)

– Do not use a similar name on another site page.

– Use a good syntax, not a list of keywords.

* We recommend that you do not exceed 60 characters for a header tag, risking to cut by three pausing points and become irrelevant to Google.

User Experience:

Here are some tips you can to tempt users and increase the user’s chances of clicking on results over others when they find search results in the search engine.

– Put yourself in the position of the user who conducts the research.

– Identify the needs and questions of the request.

Pause … you made a hard part! Now that you know exactly what the user expects to find as a result of his research, respond to his request clearly, neatly and temptingly!

– Select the flagship argument associated with the query.

– Include punctuation to bring your name to life.

– You can insert business data.

For example, for a “cheap furniture” request, the proposed reduction of -60% can be noticeable. Let’s start, here’s what I can give an attractive headline in the query:

– Cheap furniture: Get a 60% discount on all products!

How to Optimize a Meta Description?

Unlike the title tag, the Meta description has a single and simple purpose to tempt users as it is no longer part of Google’s positioning criteria. So, we are talking about the indirect effect of the rating, because if you offer your visitors a great work experience, Google will take advantage of this factor for a better position.

User Experience:

Longer than the title tag, the meta description is a logical consequence, so take advantage of the opportunity to expand and argue with your ideas even more. Always keep in mind what the user is looking for and do not engage in classical use of the word itself.

The Purpose of The Description:

* We advocate that the Meta description should not exceed 150 characters, at the risk of reducing the three ellipses and losing relevance in the eyes of Google.

Finally, let’s go to the end of an optimization example of the keyword “Digital marketing training in Lahore”. Here’s what a respectable Meta description can provide:

DMT Provides you the best digital marketing training in Lahore. We offer our student’s best trainings of Search Engine Marketing, SEO, SMO, SMM in Lahore (Pakistan).

A Few Tips for Further Work!

To go further and clear your doubts or be confident in your choice, it’s not better than checking out the keywords to refine your understanding of the query. Indeed, if you take another example of this position, it would be useful to analyze the lexical field and the related queries.

– Perform relevant research using the Google Keyword Tool.

– Analyzing sites that are well positioned in Google results (first 2 pages).

– Use semantic tools to absorb the lexical field.

– Feel free to brainstorm with others to resist your ideas.

Sometimes our understanding of the query is not true, and it’s important to use powerful SEO tools to refine your keyword questions.


Google will always position a site that best responds to the question the user puts in his research, and it starts with an ideal Meta data optimization (Title and Meta Description).

We must find what lies behind the queries, except for a simple definition of the term typed. If you have a clear answer to Google’s technical criteria by providing content that appeals to users, you will probably be in a good position.

Lastly, this mapping should be the basis of your entire SEO Services in Lahore, as the content of your site must also meet these requirements. In fact, the content of the landing page must be fully adapted to the first information that is passed on to users with your title tags and the purpose of the description, with the risk of disappointing visitors and thus negatively affecting your positioning.


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