Five Strategies of Social Media Optimization

Best Strategies of Social Media Optimization

Recent changes in Facebook News Feed put marketers at a position where social media optimization (SMO) has become a business priority. With organic advancements shrinking rapidly, pay increases in importance, and now we see a trend towards social media optimization (SMO) grows the same as search engine optimization (SEO) did several years ago. Today, the optimization of social media has taken a central place among marketing departments.

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Why Social Media Optimization is Now a Top Priority?

According the reported that 61% of people do not sign brands because their content is no longer relevant, 45% of people are unlikely to sign brands that often advertise on their own, and 20% will not respond if the brand exchanges boring or repetitive content. It is therefore very important for social media marketers to track their brand engagement metrics to determine their effectiveness and to understand how well the content they share resonates with their audiences.

We talked with many marketers and found that, despite the fact that larger budgets are devoted to social media, many still do not know how to effectively use their resources and measure the results of their investments.

Advertising Cost:

In the fourth quarter, Facebook announced an increase in advertising costs by 43%, which means that now, as never before, it will be important to understand what channels and activities of social media now bring your company the most revenue – and why. The only way to effectively save low ad spend is by SMO. We also recommend that you identify areas where you could improve. Monitoring and analyzing the weaknesses of your social media strategy will allow you to make the difference.

Recent Trends:

Since recent trends around social platforms are a priority for consumer-to-consumer conversations, while users spend less time on public social media platforms in favor of instant messaging applications, this is of paramount importance for stopping budget spending and informing paid strategies through action recommendations, machine training and automation. This ensures that you invest in the right places at the right time to constantly improve your performance.

Here are 5 Key Steps to Optimize Social Media Marketing:

  1. Establish the Appropriate KPIs:

How do you determine success? As a rule, brands use their historical indicators to measure the success of their activities in social networks. However, this may not be the best approach, as competitors can surpass you and get a bigger share of engagement among your target customers.

Did you know if you’re optimizing your ROI for each Rupees spent? It is necessary to measure the return on investment in social networks in a competitive context. Are the costs of advertising in your industry increasing or affecting only your business? Understanding these types of variables will help determine the cost of advertising on Facebook and intelligently distribute your budget. Using an analysis of competitive bench marking, this will be an important aspect of decision making and will ultimately help you to establish a realistic but competitive KPI.

  1. Know Your Audience:

We cannot emphasize it enough, you need to know your audience. Segmenting an audience – based on their interests and behavior – will help you more precisely set up targeting for your Facebook audience.

Understanding your audience will also help you create more relevant, personalized content for your audience, identify the buyer’s identity, and ensure that they collaborate with your brand and help you improve the return on investment in social networks.

  1. Know What and When to Post?

Do you know what content is related to your audience? More common than not, marketers gathered together in the meeting room to hold ideas for their next big campaign. Although the whole team can be great, it may not be the most effective way of generating ideas. Use machine learning to first reveal the most effective brand positions among specific topics; (seasonal, product, hashtag) will help you to better understand the main features of the message, such as copying, call-to-action, media type, and media length.

Do you know when the best time to place on social media is? You can have the best content in the world, but it makes no sense if nobody sees it. As consumers spend less time surfing on social media platforms, it’s important to maximize potential impressions and interactions by publishing in the best way possible based on the effectiveness of the historical page.

  1. Use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to Raise Posts:

Once you’ve posted your content, you’ve ever wondered when and with what budget should you increase your messages? We found that some marketers have decided to increase each post, others are more selective, but in the end this should not be a guess game – every dollar matters.

Social media platforms need to evolve, and they are tireless with setting up algorithms in favor of paid posts that are relevant to users. Therefore, even if you want to increase each position, this may not be the most effective investment strategy. If your posts receive more negative comments, increasing these positions will not only be more expensive, they will also be shown to fewer people and will have a negative impact on the brand.

In addition, some posts may have a higher “engagement potential”, while you may have a limited budget. Dividing your budget equally will skip the optimal number of impressions and engagement for the best content.

44% of the content promoted by companies are also the poorest posts. This means that marketers spend on ineffective content and generate negative feedback, which in turn reduces relevancy, increases ad spend, and damages your brand’s image. Thanks to machine training that can now predict the performance of posts, these negative effects can be easily avoided.

  1. Evaluate Your Campaigns on Social Networks:

Social Media is constantly changing, so you need to constantly evaluate performance. Stop wasting time with manual analysis and loading dump data through channels. The more processes you automate, the easier it will be to focus on what really matters – and it benefits your audience.

Digital events take place through channels, from social media to your website, you should see a complete picture of the attribution of your business. This can be accomplished using consolidated panels. Not only will this save the team a lot of time, it also allows you to focus on optimizing the future content of social media.


There is a huge amount of data at Digital Media Trend that can be used to increase the capabilities of your strategy and outbid competition. An intuitive approach has become a thing of the past, and it’s important that you use the data to make more informed decisions. Think about your social networking optimization plan as a workflow, and if you include the five tips above, you’ll see positive results and improve ROI.


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