How to Write Articles and use good keywords?

M. Naeem Akhtar

CEO of DMT Lahore & Trainer

The first rule to optimize returns for search keyword is well set your article .What speaks your article? How will you structure it? What angle are you going to write?

The Title of article starts the SEO

Let’s start with the title of Digital Media Services in Lahore, which, if your theme is well done, will have an H1 tag. The title should be consistent with the content present in your article and will contain the keywords that you will use. It must also be short to be displayed in full in the search engines, rather catchy and punchy. Moreover, among the best items listed in Google (English version), there are the famous “How to”, that is to say, “How.” You understand that optimizing an article for a good SEO for search engines (SEO) starts with the first words you write.

Give the reader want with a good hat

The hat is essential because it will be after the title, the first area read by your visitors. We must therefore treat this part (known hot zone). This is a small summary of what is presented in the article and includes important information, such as keywords. But it should also give the reader want to continue the adventure on your article. At this game, the time spent on an item is a very good indicator. It is an area that must be effectively optimized. I wrote this article on optimizing the hat but if nobody has reversed the value to the sector in fat and H2, nobody confirmed it either.


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