Learn How to use Google Trends in SEO 2020

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If this is your first time using this tool, there are a few things to keep in mind before imagining the data. First, data from Google Trends is used to visually compare different data to make it understandable to all users. Google describes the principles of Google Trend as follows:

The search results are proportional to the time and place of the user when searching for the term:

Google Trends in SEO

Each graph is plotted by the number of searches in the desired period and location and its numbers to compare their popularity at different times. Otherwise, the places with the highest number of searches would always appear at the top of the list and lose their comparability.
Results are scaled between zero and one hundred based on the number of searches for each phrase relative to the total number of searches for all expressions.
The equality of numbers for a query in different geographic regions does not indicate the same number of searches.

In practice, the output of Google Trend will be to compare the two search terms because the number of searches is scaled between 0 and 100.

How to use Google Trends in SEO?

1. Keyword research

Keyword research seems to be one of the most obvious SEO features of Google Trend, but this feature is often overlooked thanks to Google’s keyword planner and other similar tools. Google Trends is a great addition to these platforms because it has models that don’t exist in other tools.

The Google Trends keyword suggestion system has different indexes from other tools such as the keyword planning tool. For example, this tool can show you the search terms associated with the word SEO meaning SEO and their popularity is increasing. The results suggested by Google Trend help us to know the mood of users regarding the keyword we want. There are also keywords in the Google Trends list that seem a bit out of reach. These suggested terms are related to the subdivisions of our sentence. However, the image above shows what unexpected ideas this tool may display.

Google Trends can add new phrases to our keyword list from a different perspective. This ability can provide us with a list of keywords that will meet the needs of a wider range of users, given Google’s artificial intelligence and ability to understand similar keywords.

In addition, if an SEO expert researches and works on a keyword before it reach the top of the search, it will benefit from being ranked first when it reaches the top of the search.

2. Compare search terms with other Google search engines

In addition to the filters, Google Trends can choose from other Google search engines such as Google News, Google Shopping, Google Images and Youtube which offer us new SEO functionalities. This functionality is accessible via the context menu at the top of the results. Google image search information is available from 2008 and is a great source of inspiration for readers. In addition, you can refine this information using the city and city filters and sees suggestions for associated images.

You can also compare information from coaches in two different terms. For example, the following image compares the data for this tool between two terms Cats in America and Dogs in England.

Moreover you can also compare search for the term dogs in England is more and more popular than cats in America. Of course, you were careful not to just search for these two words, and similar terms were influenced by the graph. A comparison of these two terms on YouTube also shows that the competition between them is much closer.

3. Evaluate and predict research peaks

Perhaps the most important use of Google Trend in SEO is related to email research and peak hour research by users. Research is found to have peaked every four years, and there is a smaller peak for the Winter Olympics two years after the main ones.

With this example, we can predict that we will soon see a search spike. Of course, we do not know the volume of searches and the number of opportunities available, because this information is presented in a relative manner. However, if we can find the number of searches at peak times using Google AdWords, we can understand how many searches Google means per 100.

Of course, predicting the volume of research in terms like the Olympics is clear, and it won’t be difficult. The main use of this function is to search for expressions that the mail cannot easily predict. For example, when looking for fashion related products, there is no particular idea at the start, and all ideas are based on speculation. But the use of this tool can tell you the peak hours before planning the SEO.

4. Growing topics

One of the most important features of this tool is the availability of information on topics that have become more and more popular in recent days. No technology or tool in the world like Google Trend can provide such valuable information.

Source website www.digitalmediatrend.com


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