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M. Naeem Akhtar

CEO of DMT Lahore & Trainer

Your company needs SEO services, not an SEO business

Let’s make one thing clear search engine optimization is what your company really needs, not an SEO company. I know that a lot is going through your mind right now. But first, clarify that this publication is against search engine optimization companies, it is not. Instead, it is for entrepreneurs and business owners like you, who may think that what they get is SEO (since that is what you paid) when in the real sense of things, it is not. Let’s take things in turn. First, I will delve into who SEO Services in Lahore. Consequently, I will show you how your business SEO should be.

Who are the SEO companies?

Try to remember some of the horrible experiences you’ve had with SEO. I’m talking about cases like when you lowered the rankings from page 3 (pre SEO) to page 8 (post SEO). Or perhaps it improved in the ranking as promised, got that traffic by visiting your website, got few sales here, another there then came up with the reality your website disappeared from the search results. You have just been penalized by Google! If you remember quite well, here we explain how the event that culminated with the fall in your rankings (and, therefore, the possible penalty of your website for the search results. He got in touch with this SEO Services in Lahore for small businesses where he needed help with his SEO. (Note that this is the progress you have made in protecting your search engine optimization services for small businesses).

So they responded, enthusiastic about their experience, years of experience in the industry, the amount of websites that have helped rank # 1 on Google. They could even claim that they were responsible for the SEO of Amazon, Forbes, and other major brands with which they are already familiar. Or they could go so far as to guarantee results before they have the opportunity to see your website, know your industry and its competitive nature and if there are enough SEO opportunities to fulfill your promise to the contrary. The objectives of your SEO campaign have not been discussed in detail. The SEO company may have assumed that, since most business objectives are revenue and traffic, they will probably also be their own campaign goals.

The expectations to start are not clear. What eventually led to unequal expectations?

It works both ways. It could be that you, as the owner of the company, have little or no knowledge of the functioning of SEO, which explains why you are making requests such as “Just put me on the first page” or “Take me so much traffic to my house”. Page as you can “- and the SEO firm, on the other hand, may have inferior SEO skills and experience and, as a result, they will have to pretend that their application is the last option they have. But are you worried that the traffic is black, gray or white SEO strategies? Or if the strategies will be effective and sustainable for a long time (suggestion: the three SEO strategies will put you in one position, the classification of one of those strategies if it is well done is very safe, while the other two strategies will help you penalized, eventually.)

The expectations to start are not clear

So, you cannot be bothered if the traffic that is generated comes from your main keywords, the conversion of visitors, the quality of those visits, or maybe those visits are actually from people who added their contact to the numerous directories which contains your website. has been sent by your SEO specialist to the people who are really interested in your offers (it is possible that the links in the directory presentations do not do enough to help you classify, in addition to the opportunities generated from directory presentations that are difficult to convert, often they are sales calls, from people who want to offer their services.) Seriously, it does not matter where you are ranking or how much organic traffic you get from a particular keyword. Are your keywords and most important? If those keywords for which you are classified cannot help achieve key measurable goals, it does not count.

Anyone can guarantee a Google ranking # 1 for the long tail keyword “Search Engine Optimization Company in Lahore”. Realistically, that keyword will not do you any good because nobody looks for that term. Similarly, your SEO consultant can promise you that you will get a good range of “best running shoes”, but do not sell shoes so that traffic does not become too much for you. Taking into account all of the above, there should be no surprises as to why SEO for your company never worked. I wanted an SEO company and there it is they were highly recommended he chose them because they could guarantee results and make many promises (since the results are what should matter, after all) or because they seem to be the SEO destination for the best brands.

What SEO for your business should it really look like?

So, why do you try to classify keywords and why do you try to classify them? What you should keep in mind when trying to classify a keyword is to convert a visitor into a customer by having them call you or schedule a quote. At other times, you can have them complete some micro-commitments, such as sending forms, unloading magnets, viewing videos, adding items to cars and other trackable targets. In that case, your first port of call determine which keywords to rank and how the ranking of those words will impact your business. First of all, your website needs to be optimized. Not only titles and Meta descriptions, but conversions.

Do you have lead generation forms on each page? Do you have clear calls to action? Is your buying process simple and short? Are you using microdata? Does your phone number appear at the top and bottom of each page? Does your site pass the Google prospects? Are you also tracking phone calls and searches on the site? It is very likely that the first one has mobile search engines calling you. The latter, on the other hand, will make sure that you are optimizing your page for the people who are really interested in your services. In addition, the objectives must be set in Analytics so you can track where your shipments, purchases, records, etc. come from. This is what you should use to measure your SEO success. More conversion is the only thing that matters. And you see, it does not make sense to send traffic to a site that is not going to convert. Google values ​​the user experience and all of them will contribute to that.


For those SEO Services in Lahore that offer their SEO business instead of offering their SEO services one way to know them is that they always want you to trust them instead of earning your trusts. That way you’ll be easy to manipulate. The key will be to revisit the purpose of your desire to do SEO for your business and the criteria with which you are using to qualify SEO firms. The fact that an SEO Services in Lahore is among the top positions in the organic result or if it was highly recommended should not replace your responsibility to conduct a background check to see if they have enough industry experience in your niche / space and / or if they care about their clients’ businesses. Write your name on Google, Facebook and see what others who have used them are saying about them. After choosing an SEO company, discuss and define expectations. Then, make sure that your SEO efforts take into account how SEO should be for your business, making the necessary adjustments when and where necessary. That way, you’ll see positive results from your SEO investment, and you’ll be able to link those results with the revenue and other key performance indicators that are important to you.


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