2019 Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends

Web design has changed a lot since its inception and has gone through multiple phases. In 2019, the Web Development Services in Lahore will continue moving towards new directions with the emergence of new technologies. While website designers will not face any radical change in terms of design techniques, some new trends will continue to gain popularity this year.

In this article, we have identified those trends that will definitely make a difference in 2019. Stay and take a look.

 Three-Dimensional Elements

After a rapid rise in popularity, the flat design style used on the web will incorporate some 3D effects this year. You can already see this trend in the replacement of sharp box corners with more rounded ones and the return of subtle shadows.

People will use three-dimensional effects to add more depth to their websites to make it seem more realistic. To get ahead of the competition, people can simply choose a template that already incorporates different styles and shapes. As an example, the newspaper theme has many demonstrations to begin with, with attractive images.

The idea is to reduce the distinction between the physical and the digital world. Three-dimensional effects help the user to feel comfortable with digital elements and make interactions on a website feel more natural.

Notice how the Stripe payment page subtly uses three-dimensional buttons, visual elements and menus. Its buttons look more prominent using these effects, and the visual style creates a sense of depth.

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Black And White Palettes

When your goal is to capture visitors and control your mood, you should focus on the color of your website. Colors can make your interface easier to use while making your brand unified and powerful. Many believe that black and white palettes will gain more popularity in 2019.

You may wonder what is special about black and white. Black and white are the opposite of each other. On the one hand, white gives a clean and simple environment. While black suggests a strong and assertive appearance. The combination of these highlights a unique aspect.

The black and white palette makes us see things differently. It makes the shapes and textures of a website more prominent. Adding a third color to this palette will help guide the visitor’s attention to the important areas of a page.

Micro Interactions

If you have used Facebook, then you are familiar with the notification icons and messages at the top that show alerts when something new happens. This notification is what we call micro-interaction.

The importance and utility of micro interactions are growing as sites become larger and more complex. In 2019, websites will be more packed with different micro interactions such as scrolling effects, bells, scrolling animation and many more. The more your website interacts, the smarter it will feel and involve your audience.

However, that never means you should exaggerate this. Simply use the right amount of interactivity, and that will be enough to stand out from the rest. DMT has integrated micro interactions and animations to build the perfect site that will surely attract everyone’s attention.

Fluid and Natural Organic Forms

Geometrically symmetric structures such as squares, triangles and rectangles have been widely used so far. However, people’s choice is changing. Visitors begin to feel more attracted to asymmetric and organic forms.

Natural forms have proven to offer more depth to your website and will make it more lively. They work to create an illusion of movement and can help the site come alive.

Thumb Friendly Navigation

Technological development has changed the way we use mobile phones. We browse more websites and make many purchases online through mobile devices. Then, the 2019 web design trends will move towards making sites even more mobile-friendly, beyond responsive design.

And that’s where thumb friendly navigation comes in. As mobile users often operate the phone with one hand, thumb-friendly navigation has become a crucial feature of the user interface. The user interface has kept all the navigation options at the bottom of the screen, which makes it perfect for mobile users to navigate with their thumbs.

Glitch Arts

In this competitive area, you must have an attractive theme for your website. The art of failure can be such a concept in 2019. Remember wrinkled movies or distorted images; We can use these for our design advantage.

As Active Theory did, the fault environment was created to give your website a unique look. Clicking on your website shows the magic of the failure effect.

Design Focused On Security

The security of user data is of great importance in 2019. Multiple events related to the violation of customer data ended up causing a lack of trust among website visitors. For web designers, the main challenge would be to create a sense of security for users. Different design elements can play a vital role in this regard.

For example, 2019 will see a change in how the payment process is designed. The objective will be to make the process not only simple but also visually safe. New ways to guarantee potential customers the security of information or transactions in your account will be an essential task for designers.

Introduction of Chatbots

Chatbots have already gained a lot of popularity in 2018, and in 2019 they will probably become an essential part of many websites. Such progress has been possible due to the evolution and progress in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Compared to 2018, the new bots will have a higher level of customization. They will be more welcoming and can have an integration of the face that represents the brand. There will be chatbots that can be integrated with Facebook, Skype, Slack and many more.

The idea of ​​chatting with bots interests many, since there is no fear of shame. While this may not be directly related to the design elements of a site, designers should be aware of how users will interact with chatbots and design the site with this in mind.

Increase of Visual Elements

Visual elements on websites have been increasing, and this trend will continue to have an impact in 2019. It is widely accepted that people are more attracted to visual content than plain text. Designs that have video content from edge to edge in the background, interactive elements or visual icons to present possible user actions are becoming more popular than sites with regular designs.

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