Grow Your Business and Lead with SEO

Grow Your Business with SEO

Growing his business and leads are two of the top goals for every entrepreneur. Lead growth and business growth go hand in hand. You will not get one without the other. Many business owners, especially start-ups, think and grow with the starting sales people who call. This vision of building a business is outdated and unsuccessful.

While the good old telemarketing calls are still around, most communication is done online. Computers and smart phones give people 24/7 access to information and each other. If your sales team does not compliment their telephone call with online communication via e-mail, social media and SEO Services in Lahore, your business or number of leads will not grow quickly.

The acronym SEO in the last sentence may have caught your attention. What does search engine optimization have to do with leads and growing a business? In short, very much.

Digital Marketing Services in Lahore

With the easy accessibility to the internet, users expect to find information and answers to their questions immediately. Websites offer the content that contains this information that users are urgently looking for. However, there are millions of websites on the internet that do not all appear in the search results. Only the most relevant and credible are displayed. After all, a user is in a hurry to get specific information so they don’t want to waste their time reading irrelevant website content.

This is where SEO, or search engine optimization, comes in. Behind every search query entered by a user, a Google SEO or search engine robot collects data from every website that is published on the web. Spiders crawl websites looking for keywords that match or are related to the words used in a user’s search query. The search engine robot uses a formula to rank certain web pages in the search results that the user sees.

Ranking Importance

Ranking is important for search engine marketing. Every internet marketing company strives to get their own website and the websites of their customers to the coveted # 1 position with search results.

Why is ranking important? Well, if we go back to the previous points of 24/7 internet access and people’s expectations for immediate answers and information, the first handful of search results will be read, while those on the following pages are likely to be ignored. Because who will click through multiple websites when their time is valuable and short?

It is only by implementing good online marketing with SEO optimization of someone’s website that there is a greater chance that your website will receive one of these top rankings and thereby increase website visitors and potential leads and customers.

SEO not only brings more traffic to your website, but also attracts quality leads that are interested in your brand, product or service.

Start by tracking your keyword ranking with a SERP ranking tool to track the results of your SEO efforts.

If search engine optimization is a strange concept for you, it can be overwhelming to know where to start and what to do. Here are some simple SEO tactics that you can begin to implement to attract the attention of search engine robots and get a higher, more visible ranking of search results:

Use Keywords

An excellent starting point for an SEO strategy is the implementation of keywords. When you set up an account with Google Search Console, you get access to a handy keyword tool that lets you find out which industry or specific niche markets, keyword phrases, and keyword group segments you should target and implement across the entire content of your website. When you want to determine which keywords to target, search for keywords with a lower search volume, but with high monthly searches. Those with lower search volumes mean that they are not so competitive that your business has a better chance of being classified.

You may be tempted to search for broad, short keywords and phrases, but so does everyone else. When you decide to target long-tailed keywords (keywords or keyword phrases that contain more words that are also more specific), the likelihood of your website getting ranked increases and the people who visit and visit your site are probably more interested in your product or service.

Write Good Meta Descriptions

The meta description is the one or two line blurb that is displayed under the title of the clickable web page. It gives a short description of what that specific page is about. The length of the meta description has been extended from 160 to 300 characters. Meta descriptions that are longer than this are truncated, which is something to avoid. Meta descriptions must be short and to the point. They are also great places to insert some of your targeted keywords. Think of writing meta descriptions to the web user and the questions he or she may ask when performing a search. Let your meta description be your answer to one of their questions.

Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

More people now surf the internet on their smart phones than on a desktop or laptop computer. You have probably noticed the difference in screen size between a smart phone and a computer. Websites that do not respond mobile fit on the screen size of a desktop or laptop computer, but do not shrink to fit on the small screen of a smart phone. The result is an ugly, difficult-to-navigate website when a user uses his or her smart phone.

Search engines, such as Google, do not like unhappy internet users and since mobile responding is a big advantage for user experience, it is now a ranking factor in the search ranking algorithm.

By having a website that is mobile friendly, you not only comply with search engines and you may get a boost in the ranking of search results, but you also give your site visitors a pleasant experience.

Get Active on Google Business Listings

Google My Business (GMB) is a great way for local businesses to be listed online. With GMB, companies are listed on Google maps with directions, a summary of the company’s products and services, the address of the company, telephone, opening times, photos, reviews and a link to the company’s website.

To benefit from GMB, one must “claim” his company. The part provided with the business summary is another excellent place for inserting keywords. However, try implementing local keyword phrases such as “salon in X-city” here.

Reviews are also crucial. Strive to generate as many positive reviews as you can. With people doing more transactions online without interacting with the business, assessments are a valuable way to determine whether someone should work with a business or make a purchase from a business. Online users who make their first purchase from a company automatically first read reviews about the company.

Regularly Producing Quality, Optimized Content

While it’s great to include keywords in the URLs, titles, meta descriptions, and images used on every page of your website, a blog where new, informative content is regularly published is the right place to implement keywords. Search engines also search for new, new content that provides users with useful information that they are looking for. Blog posts offer users relevant, informative, interesting content, as well as places where you can implement keywords and links. Consistent blogging also shows web users and search engines that you are a credible and reliable source of information that makes a major contribution to improving your website search results.

Your blogs must be written in such a way that they are easy to read and understand and free of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors and contain a call to action or some form of engagement with the reader. When blogging are some things to watch for couples and buy, keyword stuffing and plagiarism. Place only relevant links from other credible websites in your blog posts do not use the same targeted keywords excessively and ensure that your blog content is 100% unique and original. Visitors to the website and search engines will thank you.

Share Your Wealth of Knowledge Through Guest Posting

When posting a guest, you write a blog post that is then published on another website. This is a great way to publicize your blog content and get more visits to your website. If your blog post is published on a reputable site within your industry, the credibility and reputation of your own website gets a boost that attracts the attention of search engines and which in turn rewards your website with a higher ranking in the search results.

Ideally, posting a guest should be two ways in which you agree to publish someone else’s blog post on your site in exchange for posting your blog post on their website. This is the best and most ethical way to also exchange links.

Improve the Speed of Your Website

Web users expect to get what they are looking for almost immediately. They don’t sit down and wait a minute or two to load a website. Instead, they immediately go to another website. Site speed is also a factor search engine that robots use when assigning search results. Some ways to improve the loading speed of your website include caching, compressing the size of images and videos, removing unnecessary plug-ins and scripts and having a reliable web host.

Optimize Your Images

Although most visitors to your website will have no problem seeing your images, those who are blind and search engines cannot view them. Search engines are computers and only read text and numbers. Blind visitors can get a description of the image that is being read for them. To make it possible for everyone, including search engines to “see” your website images, an ALT tag is used. These are short descriptions of a few words that tell what the image represents. It is a good idea to implement keywords in the ALT descriptions. With keyword-rich ALT descriptions, your website will become more relevant to search engines.

Implementing Top Digital Media Company in Lahore website can significantly increase your business and leads. It can be annoying and take the time to see an improvement in the ranking rank of the search results. The algorithm or formula used by search results often changes robots, so it is important to constantly check the SEO tactics of your website and constantly adjust them.

Although the basic properties for search engine optimization provide a good basis and are easy to implement, it can be a challenge to keep it up. SEO is not a “one and done” thing. It requires constant maintenance and adjustments over several years. For many small and medium-sized companies, this can be more than what they can handle, while they also try to manage the daily activities of their company. As a result, many choose to hire an experienced, external digital marketing company to manage and oversee the SEO of their website.

If you are in the latter group and need help with the SEO of your website, take a look at Digital Media Trend. We are an SEO company that consists of experienced internet marketers in the field of web development, PPC, SEO, social media marketing, re-marketing and content marketing. Contact us today for more information about our services and how they can help your website’s SEO generate more leads and grow your business.

Digital Marketing Services in Lahore can help you grow your business by attracting leads to your website. After the leads are obtained, the sales team must take them through your sales funnel to convert them into paying customers. However, some leads become silent or dead. However, these dead leads can be revived thanks to products and services that help manage sales channels.


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