How to appear on the first page of Google?

M. Naeem Akhtar

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 Are you running a business? You would probably want to appear on the first page of Google when someone searches for your products.

Let’s take an example; if you are a Digital Marketing in Lahore, your goal is to appear in the first position of Google. If you are not in the top three results, you are losing 80% of your potential customers.

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Most people click on the top three results, so showing up at the top usually means more traffic, more visits, and more customers.

So the question arises: how do I get on the first page, above the competition?

There is no one answer. Several possibilities are available to you, depending on the wait for the search carried out by the Internet user.

So here are the four major parts of the Google SERP:

  1. Position yourself on the first page of Google thanks to paid Google Ads advertising.
  2. Position yourself on the first page thanks to ” Featured Snippets”
  3. Finally, natural referencing SEO to arrive on the first page of Google.
  4. Position yourself on the first page of Google thanks to Local SEO

1. How to get on the first page of Google with Google Ads?

When searching for a keyword, if you see ads in the first place, then the only way to be there is to run a Google Ads campaign.

How it works?

Google Ads is an advertising platform that allows you to reach a target precisely and effectively. It’s a keyword auction system, where the advertiser pays to be on the first page of Google.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. There are several things that make one ad appear before another. Even if you pay more at auctions, it is not sure that your ad will appear first. So, you have to take care of your “Quality Score”to pay less and achieve the first results.

What is a Google Ads Quality Score?

A Quality Score is calculated on the performance of your ad on Google.

Your Quality Score is measured by the click-through rate (the number of clicks received by your ad) divided by the number of times your ad is displayed (impressions). The landing page experience is also an important factor in the calculation of the Quality Score.

2. Obtain the first position with the “Featured Snippet”

Before we begin, let’s understand:

What is a “Featured Snippet”?

The “Featured Snippet” is a short description of text that appears at the top of search results in order to respond to a query. It is an extract of a website page from the Google index.

How to appear in “Featured Snippet”?

If you arrive in the top 10 results of Google. It is possible to position yourself as a “Feaured Snippet” with a little SEO and page optimization.

First, make sure that your page actually provides the information that Google wants to show in the snippet. For example, if we search for the keyword “price of a trip to Pakistan”, the first result is a “Featured Snippet” .

Second, make sure the information is in Google’s preferred format. It varies depending on the keyword. For “price of a trip to Pakistan “ , the extract is a price table. For the word “Featured Snippet” , it’s a short paragraph.

3. How to get to 1st page with Google Natural SEO?

For a query, if you see natural (organic) Google results, you will need to invest in SEO.

To get started, you have to follow the basic rules of SEO and have a website based on the principles below:

1.      Mobile friendly and responsive.

You can do your test on the Google platform here:

2.      Optimization of the loading speed.

This should not exceed 1.5 seconds. Check Your Site Speed ​​with Google Page Speed ​​Test

3.      Easy to use (clear navigation, good UX and UI, etc.)

4.      Secure (i.e. HTTPS and not HTTP)

5.      Ergonomic

We have created an explanatory page How to do Google Natural Referencing on our site to see in detail how to do natural referencing. However, below is the simplified diagram of the SEO technique:

  1. Study of competition and keywords.
  2. Optimize your page according to the search expectation.
  3. Cover the topic in its entirety.
  4. Write for readers, not for Google robots.
  5. Create quality netlinking.
  6. Internal mesh.

 Step 1. Study the competition and keywords:

To reach the first page of Google is the sinews of war for all companies. The websites ranked first have a strong reputation. To do this, research your keyword and look at the awareness of the sites on the first page.

Let us take the example of the keyword “Clothing Pakistan , the first results are dominated by large brands.

Unless you are a big brand or on a budget, it will be quite difficult to overtake these sites.

For a keyword like “top heart surgeon in Lahore “things look a little more promising. There are a few lesser known sites on the front page. It will be easier to get the first places.

So for short to medium term results, it is best to work the keywords with moderate or low competition.

Step 2. Optimize your page according to the search intent.

Search expectation or Search Intent is the main point for optimizing your page for Google. If you are looking for “Tips for Starting a Blog, ”the result will appear as a list.

If you search for “how to bake a cake “the results are in the form of a recipe or YouTube video.

So, to be on the first page, you have to create content related to the expectation of research.

To create content that is compliant, you can follow the Three Cs principle.

  • The type of content: Are the top ranked pages mostly blog posts, product pages, product category pages, or landing pages.
  • The format of the content: are the pages of the first results mainly practical guides, step-by-step tutorials, lists of articles, opinion articles, reviews, comparisons, or others?
  • The content angle: do the pages use a strong point to present their services (e.g. beginner’s guide, complete guide 2020, etc.).

 Step 3. Cover the subject in its entirety.

Google wants to rank the pages that deal with the subject as a whole. For example, to talk about the diabetic diet, the first page talks about the whole diabetes and the diet to control it.

Step 4. Write for readers, not for Google bots.

The search results pages are intended for humans. So, it must be taken into account that it is informative, explanatory and easy to read. In SEO content creation, it is said that if readers love your content, Google loves it too. 

Step 5. Create quality backlinks.

Backlinks: This is a very important point to take into account to optimize your positioning. The more quality backlinks a site has (links from other quality sites or blogs in your niche), the more popular it will be and will occupy the top positions on search engines.

But how do you know how many backlinks it takes to rank at the top of Google?

Just know that it’s not all about quantity. You might be able to outperform a page that has a lot of poor links with just a few high quality links. So, we must prioritize quality over quantity.

Step 6. Internal mesh

Backlinks aren’t the only way to boost the authority of a web page. Relevant internal links from other pages on your site are also helpful. If you think you’ve created enough high-quality links and haven’t hit the top spot yet, it might be helpful to see the internal linking.

How to find relevant internal linking opportunities?

You just have to do a search: “keyword” to find the pages of your site which mention the keyword.

If, for example, we wanted to add internal links for the keyword “ Google Natural SEO ”, we would do a Google search with “SEO” to find the relevant pages.

Getting to the first page of Google is surely a difficult task. But by looking at the search results, you can choose the best Google SEO strategy to get to the first page.

4. How to rank first in Google Maps results?

If you are a business with a physical presence, you should think about Local Seo.

Let’s take an example, If you are a digital marketing company in Lahore. When an Internet user searches for a digital marketing Lahore, the results appear in the form of a Google Maps list. So, to be in the first place, you have to work on your local SEO strategy.

How it works?

Google My Business is a free platform developed by Google. All companies with a physical presence can register for free.

On this platform, all the essential details about your business (opening hours, address, phone number, website, etc.) are listed.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Google’s goal is to rank the “best”, most trusted local businesses in the “Google Maps” result. You must therefore optimize your local SEO.

The basics of Local SEO:

  • Optimize your Google My Business listing: photos, products, etc.
  • Get quotes from the most reputable and local website (Yellow Pages, local directories).
  • Get more customer feedback.
  • Create backlinks.

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