Smart ways to earn money through SEO

M. Naeem Akhtar

CEO of DMT Lahore & Trainer

In the modern era, it has been a hustle for a lot of people to earn money. As the population rises, the rates of employment keep dropping and several factors contribute to this. It surely has become a headache to find a job in which you have your interest in or just, to have a job. As the times have advanced their way through, people come up with their own ideas to earn money. It is now a mind-blowing thing that you can actually sit at home and earn money.

You will always come across different types of people with different experiences. Do not let that affect you. Maybe you are interested in that job or skill more than the other person. Hence, you will be able to do better at it. That is why trying out things for yourself is something that you should aim to do. Do not rely on other people’s experiences. For online, this is where SEO comes in to help you.

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Get started on a blog

When it comes to making money off of SEO, doing it from a blog will be the most helpful thing. The way you will earn money is by the amounts of clicks and traffic on your blog. For that, SEO comes to the rescue. Therefore, if you have the skill of writing blogs, then you can easily make a good blog page and have a heavy amount of traffic on it. Hence, this is is how you will be earning in increasing amounts. Usually, paid ads will pay you based on the clicks on your ads and the traffic.

Moreover, starting a blog may be easy for some and also helpful because it helps you in finding what is best for you. If you have an interest in beauty or technology then making a blog about it will be much easier than those who have no interest in these things. Hence, not only will you be getting good pay but, you will be in your happy place while working. This is something that not most people get to do hence, this will be your final alcove.

Sell directly

This will be one of the most straightforward ways of making money off of SEO. You will just have to rank a keyword of what people actually want. Hence, here comes the problem. There are thousands of people who do the same therefore, it will be a struggle for you to come up with a good keyword. So, if you are good enough to achieve this then the clicks will instantly give you all your desires. Though, the main problem still stays. 

Coming up with a keyword may sound very easy for some to do but, in reality, it isn’t as easy as it seems. There are thousands of people who use this technique to gain money so the competition is quite high. No matter what keyword you come up with someone might already be having that. Therefore, while going through this process you will find the biggest competition for keywords and it is difficult to rank. Though, if you come up with one of the best keywords then there is no need to worry because your site will be getting all the attention it needs. For helping yourself out to find a good keyword you can always gain advice from SEO companies or professionals. 

Try dropshipping and see the magic

If you have a website where you sell out products and this goes on for a couple of years, now your customers will get bored of it. The reason for that is because you are not managing your inventory which is a crucial thing to do. The solution for this is dropshipping. Dropshipping is when you can sell products from your website without having to worry about their shipment. Hence, if you have a fear about losing your business then go for dropshipping because you will not have to stress about inventory or manufacturing.

Here is where SEO plays its role. When you are going to be selling your products, then it is important for you to use SEO-friendly content. In this, you should also use appropriate keywords which we, at DMT Lahore will make sure. Our team is known for giving the best tips and making sure everything is running safely. Therefore, you can always rely on us to get the job done by giving you the best trials and advice.


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