The Reach Of Digital Marketing In Pakistan

M. Naeem Akhtar

CEO of DMT Lahore & Trainer

The Reach Of Digital Marketing In Pakistan

There is no doubt that Pakistan is a country with great potential that is waiting to explode and paint the whole world with greatness. With so many start-ups going on across the country these days, Pakistan is on track to become the Silicon Valley of Asia. In general, our country is progressing rapidly in different fields that operate in the modern world. But, among all those fields, digital marketing in Pakistan has taken off like no other! With so many emerging businesses every day, the need to stay ahead in the digital game in the country is higher than ever.

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Digital marketing is slowly moving away from traditional marketing. In the information age, the attitude of the average consumer is changing. Social platforms, the web and email is where most of the efforts are being implemented by companies to captivate the minds of their consumers, regardless of their nature. In fact, in 2017, total digital ad revenue exceeded that of television ads. Therefore, marketers now also need to become familiar with modern tools such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Search Console, Hoot Suite, etc., since having the wisdom of traditional marketing is no longer enough to survive in the modern world. After all, the reach of digital marketing in Pakistan seems quite promising.

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Reasons to Choose Digital Marketing as a Career

There are many reasons to choose digital marketing as a career, especially in Pakistan because the market does not have many professionals and the field is still relatively new. So, if you think that engineering, medical administration and business administration are not your tea cups, read on to find out why you should develop a career in digital marketing.

It is the Future of Marketing

Keeping up with the ever changing demands of the world is essential. This applies especially to marketers, who may still be stuck in the past, making announcements for the newspaper and trying to convert potential customers through SMS. There is a great possibility that in the coming decades, digital marketing completely replaces traditional marketing. Therefore, it is expected that the demand for digital marketing experts will grow forever.

Present a New Challenge Every Day

Unlike the boring fields that present a monotonous routine, Digital Marketing Training in Lahore a new challenge every day. Since there is no “one-size-fits-all” way to do things, you should stay alert and think about the creative paths you should take. If you like challenges and hate routine, your motivation levels will always remain high and you will definitely enjoy your work!

It Pays Well

Since digital marketing is challenging and requires a level of natural creativity and logical thinking, it pays quite well. Starting salaries for digital marketers vary according to the subfield you choose. In any case, regardless of the field you choose, you will win an attractive package early in your career (which can grow to unimaginable levels if you continue to progress and perfect your skill set).

There is Always Room for Growth

Digital marketing does not offer a dead-end career, which means that there is always room for growth and the possibility of climbing the ladder of success. By constantly polishing your skills, obtaining certifications and working on different projects, you can quickly ascend and even become the Marketing Director.

Fields in Digital Marketing Demand

Digital marketing course in Lahore is really a great umbrella, under the shade of which are numerous fields that offer lucrative careers. Among all of these, in Pakistan, the following fields are in demand:

Search Engine Marketing (Average Salary for Executives: Almost the Same as SEO)

Sometimes, search engine optimization is not enough to instantly increase the flow of traffic to your website and increase sales. That’s where search engine marketing (SEM) comes into play! By using different advertising techniques and models such as pay per click (PPC), search engine marketers post links to search results when they write relevant keywords. Like SEO, SEM is also in high demand in Pakistan, and the average salary of SEM executives is more or less the same.

Marketing in Social Networks (Average Salary for Executives: No Clear Data)

Social Networks Have Become

One of the holy grails of marketing, so the demand for publicists of creative and enthusiastic social networks is high. Brands are investing heavily in the marketing of social networks, since users of different social platforms are constantly increasing. What people see and hear on social networks can significantly affect their purchasing decisions. Therefore, good word of mouth and positive brand image are extremely crucial if a company wants to survive. So far, there is no clear information about the average salary of social network executives, but our estimate is that it is somewhere between 20,000 PKR and 25,000 PKR.

How to Become a Digital Marketer?

First, having a degree in marketing is not enough (or necessary) to become a digital marketer. And there is no golden rule to enter this field. But, the good news is that you can learn all the crucial skills necessary to become an exceptional marketer. There are many free courses available on the Internet, which once completed, provide you with online certificates that you can use in your CV. Some popular platforms include:

  • Google Digital Garage
  • Google Analytics Academy
  • Google Academy for Ads

Since the landscape of digital marketing is constantly changing, you may have to renew your certifications every year by conducting online tests.

In addition to certifications, you need to develop your experience working on different projects. An excellent way to start your career in Digital Marketing in Pakistan is to find an internship in a renowned organization, such as Mega Marketing Network, where you can work for different local and international clients. We wish you the best of luck!

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