Latest SEO Trends 2019 You Must Know

Latest SEO Trends 2019

Search engine optimization is not science at all, but a sophisticated technical form, based on the trends and power of Google and the actions of other SEOs.

Much of SEO is about analyzing competitors and determining the exact ranking factors behind a particular keyword. This makes discovering trends an important part of all practice. This is one of the things that make life difficult for SEO specialists: they need to be aware of the SEO landscape because it takes them very little time for their best practices to become obsolete.

In this article, we have combined our knowledge and experience to give you an introduction to SEO trends for 2019. Use this to help you develop your strategies for next year and stay ahead of the competition.

Google may not be the only player in the city

For many years, it was a “joke” that the name of the search engine was changed to “google optimization.” after all, the competition has never inspired much confidence; yahoo is a shadow of what it used to be, and bing (who now runs yahoo, by the way) has not progressed much after a decade in the market.

But now, there are alternatives to search engines that are changing the way you view the search.

For example, when it comes to e-commerce and buying goods online, amazon is actually the property, not google.

This means that brands whose main product can be purchased from online retailers must be really friendly with amazon quickly, not just with google.

As a SEO vendor, 2019 is the year you leave the obsession to get to google’s first page and start looking for improved search channels and other content aggregators.

Make sure your site is ready to index google mobile-first

Mobile-first indexing update from google

He has definitely seen signs in recent years. First, google began sanctioning websites if they weren’t suitable for mobile devices. Then, they increased the mobile-optimized sites ranking for searches from mobile devices.

Now, with most google searches from mobile devices, they are mobile versions of sites that are now used for indexing. The first mobile indexing was announced for the first time in a year, and is finally implemented, and as a SEO specialist, this is one of the most important things to see at this time.

Mobile First Indexing

As a quick checklist on how to deal with this, you should make sure:

  • Your location is suitable for mobile devices
  • The loading speed of your mobile page has been improved
  • Your mobile ux is optimized

To get started, use the google mobile-friendly test to analyze your page and determine if it’s compatible with your mobile devices. This is the minimum basic test that you must pass in order to index mobile devices first.

Then, use pagespeed ​​insights on your site and determine if there are performance bottlenecks.

Structured Data

In SEO trends 2019, you’ll find that an old friend is making waves back into the world of SEO. Structured data becomes more important again, but for a very interesting reason

The implementation of the schema tag in its content was once primarily aimed at obtaining rich fragments there. However, many experts now believe that structured data will be useful in the future of ai-driven search.

Structured Data Markup

Because structured data makes it easier for machines to interpret the meanings and relationships of information in their content, setting up this chart will prepare your site for a future where airs crawl the web and understand content. Before setting their importance.

The Content Is King

I heard it a million times, but in 2019, you can’t rest for your glory when it comes to your content strategy.

Google’s search algorithm now uses content quality as an important ranking factor, perhaps as the most important factor for SEO. You will see this in organic links, exchanges and web discussions about the quality of your content.

Creating high quality and reliable content will be one of the key SEO trends for 2019

To understand how your brand is represented as an authority, non-google signals require knowing where they occur and linking them with those who mention the brand and with those who participate in the discussion. You should raise these discussions as long as possible if you want to give Google an idea of ​​your suitability as a registered trademark entity. You may also want to monitor brand signals with listening tools so you can get an idea of ​​what the customer feels.

The background, on the other hand, will help you build your reputation and power directly. However, not only do you need many backlinks, but you also need good backlinks: links from licensed entities and blogs instead. And if you think about buying links? Don’t do it, google looks at you.

Page Optimization

Creating links will always be important, but in 2019, you should focus more on updating your factors on the page. Big changes occur in the search landscape, and you’ll want to respond quickly if you want to maintain your ranking.

Because the pages of any other person become faster and more responsive, users become stingier about the time allotted to each site. I don’t want to load pages forever or it is painful to navigate. You want to speed up your content consumption or get as much information as possible.

Chatbots, a more efficient customer journey, a better internal search for content and site responses, and a site map that provides the least possible friction.

SEO marketing specialists have long known that google has used chrome’s user experience reports to monitor site performance. Last year, it became official: pagespeed ​​insights has an additional measure of speed.

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It is still unclear when the speed measurement will begin in a direct relationship with serp ratings, but prevention is certainly better than treatment.

Then there is javascript. There are many new javascript trends along the way. That are becoming increasingly popular and developers are moving away from rest and facebook graph. If you have a lot of javascript on your site, it is time to update your knowledge and technical skills for the new year.

Progressive Web Applications

Think of progressive web applications as the intermediary between your website and your internet connection. They can offer many more features than your typical site, providing a reduced bounce rate, a higher conversion rate and the ability to load pages offline.

It provides all the features and performance of mobile applications while maintaining the benefits of the site from fast loading times and small storage requirements.

Using pwa means finding ways to make your site meaningful enough to keep visitors on the page and return them. This will be a problem that you may want to monitor, since it has been shown that paws show improvements in SEO ranking agents.

Voice Search

The proliferation of smartphones and the presence of smart speakers and voice assistants in more and more homes led to a new born in the group: voice search.

Where people once wrote keywords in search boxes, they are now making inquiries in natural language, and the whole philosophy of keyword research may have to change in response.

We have known for a long time that long tail keyword strategies are the way to go. They are more competitive at points of sale; very specific and even improve conversion rates. Now, with the increase in voice search, people are already inserting long keywords into their searches, and it is up to search engine providers to take advantage of that.

Voice Search Google

Also, when you return to the featured snippets, voice search makes it important that the result becomes a “zero” in google and that the highlighted paragraph becomes receptive. Remember that the voice assistant generally reads the highlighted paragraph fragment if you ask a question, and nothing else. This means that improving sound often means competing for exactly one place.


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